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With many employees that have decades of combined experience making up our company, we offer the most respectable and affordable cleaning service. Compared to other companies, our prices fare much better, our employees are rated higher, and our track record proceeds us. Our company runs thorough background checks on all of our employees who are also bonded and insured. Your home and your belongings will be safe with our team members, leaving you with nothing to worry about.

We provide specific requested services to clients who have asked even if those requests are not listed on our home page. Our business can provide weekly, biweekly, monthly, or bi-monthly services! For more questions or concerns about what we can do for you, simply ask!

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    Cleaning Services Just for You

    Services We Provide

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    Bathroom Cleaning

    Our team members come prepared to clean and disinfect your personal and guest restrooms. We will clean:

    • tile walls
    • bathtubs
    • showers

    We will scrub:

    • tile grout
    • clean show doors
    • doors
    • frames.

    If there are special requests for your bathrooms, please let us know. We will only use products that you and your family are comfortable with.

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    Bedroom Cleaning

    We understand that the area where you sleep is a sacred spot and we will take specific requests if you have any for us! Our professionals’ will certainly clean:

    • flat areas like dressers and shelves to ensure dust is removed
    • doors
    • frames
    • windowsills
    • knickknacks

    If you wish to have your sheets to be cleaned it is important to put that request in.

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    Living Area Cleaning

    The areas that are used when your family gathers or when guests come over tend to accumulate more dust and debris than the other rooms in your home. As a professional cleaning service, we understand this, and we strive to ensure your living areas are meticulously cleaned. We will clean and wipe down:

    • ceiling fans
    • lamp shades
    • floors
    • staircases
    • flat areas
    • and more!

    Services We Provide

    More Services Just for You

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    Kitchen Cleaning

    In most homes, the kitchen is where the heart is, and we know how important it is to keep this area clean and disinfected! Using cleaners that you and your family are comfortable with, we will clean:

    • countertops
    • drip pans or glass tops
    • fronts of appliances
    • general dusting
    • microwave wiping
    • and more!

    Floor Cleaning

    We understand, especially for our clients with small children and pets that it can be a challenge to keep floors clean! Our services can be extended to ensuring your floors are well groomed as well. If you desire a clean surface but you have specific preferences about mopping or sweeping, please let us know so we can best accommodate you and your needs. We will clean:

    • carpets
    • stone
    • tile
    • hardwood
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    Outdoor Cleaning

    We understand that many of our clients have closed in patios and porches that are also part of the home. This is something that needs to be mentioned to our team to ensure the area is properly taken care of. We will ensure that your outdoor space is:

    • wiped down
    • dusted
    • swept
    • cleaned up

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    House Cleaning San Francisco Services

    Our Services Are Made for You

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    We understand that allowing someone into your home is a very vulnerable and sometimes frightening decision for people and families. We want you to know that all of our professionals are thoroughly interviewed, investigated, insured, and bonded before they enter your home. Our training is rigorous and demanding because we want to ensure that you are always safe with our company.

    We offer carpet cleaning to those who need deep cleans and deep home cleanings. Our team is suited to help remove stains, debris, and dirt caused and brought in my animals and/or small children.

    Because we understand that some of our clients either have small children or have sensitivities themselves, we can accommodate your cleaning product preferences to ensure your health and well-being are being put first.

    It is important to always remember, if you don’t see an answer to your question on our page, simply give our team a call and we can answer more questions in better detail.