1. Why should I trust strangers to come into my home?

We proudly employ professionals who have dedicated their lives to improving your household. Our professionals serve top-quality services, and after undergoing an extensive background check, we train all of our professionals to be meticulous in every job. You should relax when you hire our team because we are trained to take care of you.

2. Do I need to be home when Cleaning San Francisco arrives?

No! We understand that our clients work and have errands to run during the week. The best way to handle this is to have our insured house cleaners provided with a key or code to enter and exit your home.

3. Do I need to provide your team with cleaning equipment or any supplies?

No! Our professionals come prepared with all of the tools and materials necessary to clean your home. We use the best equipment and products to leave your home feeling better than it ever has before!

4. What is the cost of your services?

We are proud to provide affordable and reliable cleaning services to all of our clients. Our top-quality services give homeowners a customized cleaning plan that best fits their wants and needs. The costs of our services vary depending on some key details, like:

  • The size of your home
  • Specific cleaning requests
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Interior Oven Cleaning

Our job is simple, to help your home shine brighter and better than it ever has before! The best way to determine this is to give our customer service members a call!

5. How often can you provide cleaning services?

Our professionals here at House Cleaning San Francisco are typically hired for biweekly or monthly deep cleans; however, you can request cleaning for special events, more often than is typical, and you are never “stuck” with one cleaning plan. We are here to serve you if you have a change in your needs let us know.

6. Are pets allowed to be left out when you guys come?

Yes! We are a pet-friendly service; however, there are exceptions to that rule. We want to keep our employees safe and your fur babies safe, so if the animal is aggressive in any way, we ask that the animals be kept away. It will be necessary to tell our professionals the best way to handle the animal situation.

7. If I sign up for a long-term service will the same people come to clean my house every time?

We try to make a serious effort not to send different people for every clean, but things do happen. If a member of our team is out or a job takes up more time than expected, we will improvise with a different team member. This is nothing to worry about because all of our employees are trained and insured. If you have specific requests or desires, please voice them to our customer service team.

8. Why do you give a time window?

Our time windows are so you are never left wondering where our employees are! Sometimes traffic gets in the way or circumstances outside of our control. Our time windows provide you a general amount of time in case a delay occurs.

9. What do your employees offer that other companies don’t?

Our employees and our management are very dedicated to details that are easily missed by other companies. We are bonded and insured, we have strict rules and requirements for every single one of our employees, and we provide our clients every opportunity to contact managers in case something does not go accordingly.

10. Do you all have references that I can look at or speak to?

Yes! If there are still questions and/or concerns that need to be addressed we can provide willing clients that we have previously served.