The Top 16 Cleaners and Tools You Need in Your Home

Are you starting fresh and clearing out all of your old cleaning tools and cleaners? Do you have a child leaving the nest, and you want to make sure they are set up to clean their new home? It's easy to stock up on all the newest cleaners and tools, but the

Are you starting fresh and clearing out all of your old cleaning tools and cleaners? Do you have a child leaving the nest, and you want to make sure they are set up to clean their new home? It’s easy to stock up on all the newest cleaners and tools, but the question becomes: How much of these things do I really need? We have you covered. We have compiled an essential list of items you’ll want in your home (or your kids’ new place) that will keep your space looking spotless. Let’s get right into it.


There is a cleaner for just about every corner of your home. One for the fridge, one for your windows, one for your countertops; we could go on. You can eliminate many of these by investing in some basic items that will save you money and can tackle multiple areas of your home.

WHITE VINEGAR – When making cleaners for your home, you need an acid-base which helps dissolve or break down sticky or dirty buildup. Vinegar, combined with other products like alcohol, will give you some serious cleaning power. 

BAKING SODA – Like vinegar, baking soda can dissolve dirt when combined with water. It’s different in that it is a powder and also acts as a mild abrasive. You can combine baking soda with a variety of other solvents to help clean the toughest areas of your home such as the kitchen and bathroom. 

ALCOHOL – The role of alcohol in cleaning is to ward off harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungus. As you might see on products like hand sanitizer, one of the main ingredients is alcohol. This is a great product to have on hand to sanitize various areas of your home. Just be sure it’s safe to use on the surfaces you need to clean. 

BORAX – Homeowners have been using borax for decades as a cleaning agent. Borax is a powdery substance that can help get rid of stains, molds, and mildew in your home. As a bonus, you can combine borax with things like baking soda and sugar to get rid of several insects like ants and cockroaches. 

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE – The power of hydrogen peroxide is useful on many surfaces that alcohol shouldn’t touch. It’s also a superior liquid to clean your cleaning tools with as well. You can make a two parts hydrogen peroxide and water bath and let your cleaning tools sit in it for about 10-15-minutes. This gets them clean and saves you from having to replace them more often. 

LEMON JUICE – The intense power of citric acid is what makes lemon juice so powerful when used as a cleaner. Not only does it have natural antibacterial properties, but it also has a natural bleaching agent to it. Knowing this also means you need to be careful about what surfaces you use it on. 

OLIVE OIL – While you might have olive oil in your home for cooking, you might be surprised to know that you can use it for cleaning purposes in your home. Olive oil can clean and protect many kinds of wood and leather furniture pieces. Even better, you can use it on things like sticky labels, stuck zippers, mosquito replant in your garden, polish stainless steel, or use it to slow tarnish on silver. 

SALT – You can use regular table salt or kosher sea salts to help break up grime in your home. Another bonus of using salt in combination with things like vinegar; it will help deodorize items that hold on to orders such as fabrics and laundry. 


These are our favorite tools that every home should be armed with. You can always add more items to this list, but most of these tools will clean every space within your home.

VACCUM – There is no replacement for a good vacuum cleaner when it comes to caring for your carpets and rugs. Invest in a good one right out of the gate and perform maintenance on it regularly to ensure you get its full lifespan. 

TOILET BRUSH – A toilet brush has one job, and it should likely stay that way. This brush tends to handle the most bacteria in your home so be sure to use some of the antibacterial products (mentioned above) on it once a month. 

DISH BRUSH & SPONGE – While you might have a dishwasher, you likely have certain kitchen items that cannot run through it. Arm your kitchen with a couple of types of dish brushes and sponges according to the type of items you use or cook with. 

BROOM & PAN – Your broom will be helpful in all kinds of ways beyond sweeping your floors. You can use it to clear cobwebs in hard to reach places, dust surfaces just out of reach, or even wet the bristles to clean things like your bathtub between deep cleanings. 

CLEANING CLOTHS – Keep a variety of cleaning cloths in your home that can be used on different surfaces. You can have certain cloths for your floors and others for your countertops. Further, you might opt for different textures (like microfiber) to protect more delicate surfaces.

WET FLOOR CLEANING TOOL – Your broom and dustpan can only handle so much, there will be times when you need to clean up spills. A mop or similar wet broom will help keep your floors tidy. 

COURSE BRISTLE BRUSH – When a cleaning cloth won’t get up the grime, a bristle brush certainly can. You will need this type of brush for things like tub basins, floors, and sinks. 

MAGIC ERASER – Finally, we are hard on our homes, and this is especially true for households with kids and pets. Your home is likely to see its share of ink pen, high heel scuffs, and mysterious marks along your walls. A magic eraser (or similar product) is a valuable tool to have in your home when cloths and cleaners can’t remove this type of wear and tear. 

We hope you got something valuable from our essential cleaning products and cleaning tool suggestions. With a little research and direction, you can make your own cleaners and use these tools to help your home sparkle.

7 Cleaning Hacks that Will Make Your Home Feel Brand New

When you gaze across your home, do you find yourself quickly bypassing over the areas that need attention? You know, the spaces filled with clutter, or have collected so much dust you can't bring yourself to tackle it? We can relate. Did you know that the

When you gaze across your home, do you find yourself quickly bypassing over the areas that need attention? You know, the spaces filled with clutter, or have collected so much dust you can’t bring yourself to tackle it? We can relate. Did you know that the average person spends over 12,800 hours cleaning over their lifetime? Who wants to be cleaning when a new Netflix binge is waiting?

We live hard in our homes but there comes a moment when we have to put our foot down, or better yet, our broom. Today is that day. Here are seven hacks to clean your home, so it doesn’t feel like such a mammoth chore.

Dishing up Dirt

That questionable odor coming from your dishwasher isn’t going away without some attention. Food debris will eventually break down but it will take several cycles and that means food odors will permeate your appliance until then. Your dishwasher has a lifespan of 7-12 years, and if you don’t want to fork out money for a new one, you’ll want to clean it regularly. Scoop out any food with a paper towel and use an old toothbrush to clean the filter for hard to remove bits.

Seeing Spots

Your stemware, unfortunately, isn’t good at concealing water spots and dust. We love sparkling wine glasses, especially those we have displayed in plain sight. We don’t love the water spots and cloudy residue our dishwasher may have left on them, however. To remedy this, use a solution of white vinegar and water and soak for 5-minutes in the solution. After, remove your stemware and dry with a microfiber towel.

Coffee + Grit = Don't Mix

We don’t know many people who don’t rely heavily on their coffee makers. The magical brew is a part of how the world wakes up each day with roughly 65% of Americans consuming coffee daily. Trouble brews (we couldn’t resist) when your coffee maker gets scally and collects hard water debris. To get it back to “like new_ shape, fille the reservoir up with white vinegar and water. Hit the brew button and let it run half of its cycle. Let it sit for about 20-30 minutes and then let it finish its full brew cycle. Finally, brew a full pot of hot water to rinse it out.

Touch Your Shower Curtain Again

If you find yourself doing everything you can to not touch your shower curtain while bathing, it might be time to revive it. The average American takes 6-showers a week. (did you know Brazilians average 14 showers a week?) This kind of shower action is going to take a toll on your shower curtain. Good news, you can actually throw your curtain in the washer with detergent and towels for agitation. From there just hand it back up to dry. Now, you can touch your shower curtain again.

That Left a Mark

All those living room dance parties may have left your floors scuffed or marked up over the past year. These don’t typically come up easily while cleaning your floors and we tend to leave them for “another time.” Here is a hack to remove those for good. You can use an old sock and often remove them with that. If that doesn’t work, many swear by using tennis balls to remove hard shoe marks.

Art Kids Gone Array

We adore our creative kiddos, but we aren’t super happy when they decide to reveal their talents on our walls and other surfaces. We have a couple of options for this sort of conundrum. For walls, you can create a baking soda and water paste, apply with a small paintbrush, and let sit for up to 10-minutes. Wipe down after and it should remove permanent marker. For your wood floors, you’ll do the same but with toothpaste.

Curtail Pet Odors

Do you do that face scrunching thing when you walk into your home and you smell your pets before you see them? If you’ve been disappointed by all the air fresheners, filter oils, and similar odor-masking products, we feel you. We suggest going back to basics and reaching for your baking soda. You’ll be amazing at what sprinkling this around your home can do to keep your house smelling fresh. Just apply it to the soft surfaces your pet loves the most, let sit and sink in, then vacuum up.

Hopefully, these cleaning hacks have inspired you to tackle a few cleaning projects this Spring. We suggest just cleaning a few spaces at a time, trying to clean your whole home at this level is too overwhelming. Create a cleaning calendar and commit to just a few things per week. After a month of attention, your home will look brand new.